Easiest Gold (and other Metallics) Drippy Ever!!
Now make SUPER easy metallic drips without painting them!
Balloon Garland Cake (& Perfecting Chocolate Spheres!)

I mixed 2 1/4 teaspoons of lukewarm water into 1/4 cup of the metallic powder to create this drip!

metallic royal icing
No need to paint or airbrush for beautiful metallic details on cakes! Shimmery Icing for Stenciling, Mesh Stenciling, Metallic Drip, and Piping! Just add Water and use! Thin it down with a bit more water, and use it as metallic Cake Drip!! Our Bronze Metallic Icing dries hard, and is completely edible! Sheer Genius!

4-150g jars
Set includes Gold, Copper, Rose gold, and Silver
Shelf Life for dry mix is 2 years