Sugar Roses
Here’s a video on how I make roses. It’s pretty easy to make one of these babies… just remember to wrap those first couple of petals puuurty tight so you can’t see the center “ball” of gumpaste.
Pink Roses

Here’s a video on how I make roses.  It’s pretty easy to make one of these babies… just remember to wrap those first couple of petals puuurty tight so you can’t see the center “ball” of gumpaste (’cause I’m a putz and made that part a li’l off camera in the video).

I used to only use Satin Ice gumpaste for most of my flowers, but since the wonderful world of modeling chocolate has been opened up to me, I now often make these same roses using that magical medium… especially when I’m in a pinch and don’t have the extra time to let the petals dry.

Works like a DREAM I tell you.  Well, as long as you’re not living in a tropical rain forest, anyway.  Heat & Humidity = the Enemy.

Check out this video tutorial on how to make modeling chocolate or this live session recording that is all about modeling chocolate and making a rose, too.

Satin Ice Gumpaste
Satin Ice is a premium quality gum paste for creating incredible cakes for weddings, birthdays, novelty, and special-occasion cakes. It is used as a modeling paste to create decorative borders, flowers, figurines, drapes & bows.
Rose Petal Cutter
Create real life flowers with these precision design cutters. Made of hard white plastic cutter has hard plastic frame to prevent bending out of shape.
Rose Single-Petal Cutter
Use our cutters to cut out popular shapes. Can also be used as a cookie cutter. Gum Paste/Fondant Cutters 7 pc Balloon Cutter Set- Size: 1/2" To 2-3/4".
18 Gauge Floral Wire
Oasis Florist Wire packaged in cardboard tube to protect it with removable caps.
Fondant Rolling Pin
Smooth, Non-Stick Rolling Pin with Thickness Bands is perfect for precisely rolling out fondant or covering cakes with rolled fondant.
Fondant Shaping Foam
Use the thin squares for thinning petal edges with a ball tool, carving vein lines on leaves and making ruffled fondant strips. Use the thick square for cupping flower centers.
Artists' Cake Decorating Brush Set
This set includes our Small Flat Oval Brush, Medium Flat Oval Brush, Fluffy Dusting Brush, Round Blending Brush, Round Precision Brush, Straight Fine Point Brush, and Angled Fine Point Brush. Our Complete Artists' Brush Set will give you everything you need to bring your edible creations to life! We use only the best bristles made from high grade synthetic fibers safe for use with food and edible media. These bristles are incredibly durable and won't shed, giving your brushes an indefinite lifespan with proper care.
Gumpaste Storage Board
Maintain the easy-to-shape consistency of your cut gum paste and fondant pieces - place them under the clear covers of this convenient storage board until you're ready to work with them. Two flaps provide ample space for storing multiple petals and leaves when making flowers like the rose, the calla lily or the daisy.
Hemispherical Silicone Molds
A 4-pack of different sized hemispherical silicone molds.
Edible Hybrid Petal Dust - Buttercup
Roxy & Rich's Hybrid Petal Dusts are the latest innovation in decorating dusts. These matte finish, water soluble Petal dusts are FDA, Canada Health and EU approved. They contain no iron oxide, chromium oxide, carmine or color fillers. These dusts give an amazing color and brilliance that is unparalleled. Use dry on gumpaste or dilute with water and brush on for smooth, beautiful results. May be dissolved with water, alcohol or lemon extract.