Cradle/Crib Cake
How to make this antique cradle cake
Cradle/Crib Cake

As you’ll notice, this video is not in the usual format.  It was made looooong ago and originally for my YouTube channel when I first started out, so if you have any additional questions PLEASE ask!  You can leave a question in the comments below and/or ask on the Cakeheads Community page on Facebook.


I rolled out two long logs of the 50/50 mixture and used a fondant smoother to flatten them just a tad rather than keep them rounded.  Then I let them dry in the shape you see them, only on their side on a board.  I also made four little “legs” coming off the corners of the crib to the length they needed to be in order for the rockers to attach to them but still be touching the board as well.

If I did it again though, I wouldn’t use the 50/50 mixture… I would use straight pastillage if I wanted to keep them the exact same shape and size, ’cause they can break easily as the weight of the ends of them want to pull down and break the whole piece in half.
If making these same rockers, you’ll have to be very careful and quickly attach them to the little legs coming down from the corners of the cradle (which should already be attached to the crib ahead of time) in order to keep the rockers from breaking.
Or you can use the template I included in the blog post (HERE) for a different set of rockers that would be less likely to break, and with those I would use straight pastillage as well.

Either way, Let them dry for a few days before adhering to the cake and use melted candy melts to attach all together.

Cut out the templates and use them to create your headboard, footboard, trim pieces for both and your bottom rockers.

Cut out all of your pieces a few days ahead of time.

I used a 50/50 mixture of modeling chocolate and gumpaste, but you could use straight gumpaste or straight modeling chocolate or even fondant with a generous amount of tylose mixed in.


For the side bars, add about 2 extra inches to the length of your cake (11″+2″=13″ in my case) and use that as the measurement of how long to make yours. That way you’ll have extra length so you can cut them down to the perfect length when putting it together in the end.  Make four side bars, two for each side.

When cutting the slats, make them longer than you think you’ll need as well, so when you’re ready to attach them to the cake, you can hold them up to it and decide what the perfect height is for them and cut them down accordingly.
Make the slats about 3/4″ wide or less if you’d like, and cut as many as you think you’ll need to fit on each side of the cake.  I left about a 3/4″ gap between each slat when attaching and decided how many to use based on that.  I ended up using 5 slats on each side of my cake.

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