Gumball Machine Cake
I filmed this gumball machine cake tutorial with a company called CakeMade.

That company seems to have sold the rights of the video to the company, Howcast...

which I've just found now has this tutorial available for free, online! So I've added it here so you can find it easily. :)
Gumball Machine Cake

*AHEM*, please excuse/ignore if you can the fact that I look and sound a little...strange (we'll just use that word to be nice).

The company I filmed this for did my makeup...and the company also insisted upon the intros and such being scripted,
and for most of this particular experience I just did not quite feel...myself.
Also, it was a long time ago and my first time ever filming a tutorial in front of a film crew.

All of that to say, I wish I could TOTALLY redo this whole thing with a little more spunk (and my own makeup)!

You guys know me better by I trust you to grab what you can from this tutorial and then, errr... erase my monotone display here from your mind.
If possible.

'Cause EWW.

K.  Glad we had that talk. ;)

NOTE:  My ganache was WAAAAY too warm in the making of this project.  If your ganache is this drippy, let it sit until it firms up a bit more and is of a buttercream consistency.

Also, I recommend adding more than one bubble tea straw into the cake to hold up the gumball bowl.
I would actually add three bubble tea straws in a circle (split into thirds) underneath where the bowl will be placed!



This is the easiest way I’ve found to prepare ganache when using it to fill and/or ice a cake, before covering a cake in fondant, or even just leaving it as the finish!  See Section 3 (Making Ganache) of the Fundamentals Course for a detailed video showing how to make this ganache.

Check out this video tutorial on how to make modeling chocolate or this live session recording that is all about modeling chocolate and making a rose, too.