Fundamentals Course
Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you where to begin. This course covers all you need to know to build the foundation for your beautiful cakes.

Section 1 - Prepping Your Cake Pans

  • This session covers:
    • Choosing which pans to use
    • An easy non-stick concoction used to prepare them
    • A trick for even cooking
    • Convection vs. non convection ovens
    • Knowing when your cake is done
  • Materials used:
    • cake pans
    • equal parts flour, vegetable oil, and shortening (1 cup of each)
    • brush
    • flower nails or heating cores
    • cake batter

Section 2 - Making Buttercream

  • This session covers:
    • Crusting vs. non-crusting buttercream & how to make both
    • Appropriate uses for different buttercreams
    • Getting the right buttercream consistency
  • Material used:

Section 3 - Making Ganache

  • This session covers:
    • How to make ganache the easy way!
    • How to store left over ganache
    • How to reheat frozen or refrigerated ganache
    • When to use ganache
  • Materials used:
    • ganache recipe
    • good quality chocolate in bulk, chips or chopped
    • heavy cream or heavy whipping cream
    • kitchen scale
    • microwave safe bowl
    • rubber spatula
    • whisk

Section 4 - Leveling, Torting and Filling

  • This session covers:
    • How to easily level your layers
    • How to easily torte your layers
    • How to appropriately fill your layers to avoid structural problems
    • Tips and tricks on how to avoid buttercream blowouts and the dreaded “bulge”!
  • Materials used:
    • cake leveler
    • carboard cake round
    • angled spatula
    • cake turntable

Section 5 - Icing Your Cake

  • This session covers:
    • When to use ganache vs. buttercream to ice a cake
    • How to ice a cake with smooth sides
    • How to get a SUPAH sharp top edge on your iced cake using ganache or buttercream!
  • Materials used:
    • Wilton Icer tip
    • pastry bag
    • cake turntable
    • angled spatula
    • chocolate ganache
    • wax paper or reusable baking foil
    • large foam core round
    • level/square
    • bench scraper

Section 6 - Covering with Fondant (& getting sharp edges!)

  • This session covers:
    • Which buttercream recipe to use as a layer underneath your fondant
    • How to cover your cake with fondant and get SUPAH sharp edges!
    • How to properly support cake tiers and stack them without stress
  • Materials used:
    • fondant (Carma Massa Ticino’s my FAV)
    • fondant smoother(s)
    • powdered sugar
    • large rolling pin
    • straight pin or acupuncture needle
    • disposable razor blades
    • kitchen knife or exacto knife
    • paint brush or spray bottle
    • large foam core round

Section 7 - All About the Cake Board

  • This session covers:
    • Where to find a cheaper alternative to cake drums
    • Different ways you can cover your cake board
    • How to transfer your cake, center it  and secure it onto your cake board
  • Materials Used:
    • cake board (I get my foam core boards from Guildcraft Furniture, online)
    • materials you choose to cover your cake board with
    • cake card (same size as your cake)
    • pallet knife or tool to score fondant
    • paint brush and water
    • bench scraper
    • fondant smoother
    • powdered sugar

Section 8 - Stacking Tiers with Supports

  • This session covers:
    • How to properly support cake tiers and stack them without stress!
  • Materials used:
    • bubble tea straws
    • one or two regular straws
    • edible marker
    • sharp knife
    • cutting board
    • cake card (same size as the tier you’re putting on top of the straws)
    • tool to score the fondant
    • bench scraper
    • water and brush or buttercream/ganache

If you're ready to move on to something a bit more challenging, check out the Pink Flamingo Mini Cake project in the Cakeheads project center which is also free!

flamingo cake

The only white (vanilla) cake recipe I’ll use, now, as it’s moist, dense, carves well, and is RIDICULOUSLY delicious! (Works great for cupcakes, too!) Just leave out the almond extract and substitute it for more vanilla if you want this to be a delicious vanilla cake!

I like to use this buttercream recipe most often, even when using it as the finish on a buttercream cake. It has no shortening in it which means it won't be entirely "white".  It will be more of a cream color.  This recipe works great as the layer of icing underneath fondant if you’re trying to achieve sharp edges, because it will harden when you chill your cake before adding your layer of fondant.

This is the easiest way I’ve found to prepare ganache when using it to fill and/or ice a cake, before covering a cake in fondant, or even just leaving it as the finish!  See Section 3 (Making Ganache) of the Fundamentals Course for a detailed video showing how to make this ganache.

See the notes section to adjust the amounts for making white chocolate ganache!

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