A Bald Eagle Cake

The song we danced to at my wedding was "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler.

eagle wide

I picked it out for us without him knowing, and when it was our turn to dance, my dad spun me around that wooden floor to that gorgeous song with a big smile on his face.

And it's true.  Growing up, my dad was always the wind beneath my wings. 
Every step of my childhood, I knew I could do anything I set my mind to, simply because my dad said I could.

eagle head

He believed in me.  (Or he pretended he did at least, and that counts for just as much in my book.)

So it's kind of fitting that he's always loved, almost cherished, the bald eagle.

eagle cliff

And when it came time for us to celebrate him this year with a surprise 70th birthday party, I knew just what to make for his birthday cake.
(Ummm, well ok...I was originally going to make the eagle perched on a post.  My MOM thought it would be more fun if I made its wings spread out, ready to take flight. 
"Fun", she said. 
"Right", I said.)

eagle right side

And this cake was to be the very first cake I ever made him, actually. 
*hides her face in shame*

So I wanted it to be...wonderful.

As wonderful as my dad is. 

eagle left side

And while I knew I would never even get it close to that mark, I dove in and hoped for the best.

I was right.  It's not even close, nor could it ever be, as wonderful and inspiring as my dad is to me.

eagle off center

But he loved it.  It was, I believe, one more little part of that night that made him feel special and honored, and THAT is all a girl can hope for.

eagle cut

That her dad knows how much she loves and cherishes him,

and that he has always been the wind beneath her wings.

Eagle cake and Dad

Happy 70th birthday to my dad... the man who always stood to side, cheering me on and helping me shine with a great, big smile on his face.

Love you forever, Dad. Xx

eagle square
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