Mini Buttercream Cakes Series (With a free Flamingo Rose cake tutorial for all!)

Celebrations (for now, and for who knows how long) are small.

But there ARE things to celebrate.

Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day...there are PEOPLE to celebrate even while spending time with ALL of our loved ones is on pause.

We still need to have a party, albeit a small one, to celebrate these things.  It matters.

And cake is still needed.  (I mean, Julia says so.)

a party without cake

The cakes don't need to be big.  In fact, "small" is probably for the best right now. 
 There probably aren't a ton of people at home wanting to spend lots of money on too much extra cake (weird, I know!)  

But are all still very important to be had in our lives.  Maybe more than ever.

And adding all of that ^^^ to "deliciousness" might be JUST what the doctored ordered! (Ummm, ok maybe not the best choice of idiom, but you get me.)

mini cakes buttercream wide

So I tried to come up with a few cake designs that might fit the bill for this current situation we find ourselves in.

They're small (each feeding about 6-8),

purple blossoms ice cream

relatively easy to create (especially when following a tutorial :),

hydrangea ice cream cone cake

and still bring a little bit of prettiness and fun to the table. 
Literally.  (tee hee)

paint brush flowers cake

I've put together a video tutorial for each design (three of them for Cakeheads members, with the pink flamingo free for all) for those who may be interested in recreating one of these designs and would like a little step by step help.

flamingo cake


And I've also found a few other photos floating around the interwebs that could be used as inspiration to create similar style mini cakes as well, for those who'd like to offer their customers something special for much needed, small celebrations...

yellow wellies

or for those who'd like to give it a go for their own families.

Either way, don't stop celebrating.  

In fact, I say use this time to celebrate more than ever!

Those at home with you- hug 'em close.  And hard. (Not too hard.  Gentle-hard.)  

Laugh and dance and sing as loud as you can, TOTALLY out of key!!!  (*ahem* or IN key, if, you know... you've got that talent.)

And if you're home all alone, do it anyway all by yourself!!  (But totally video it and share it online so we can all see and laugh too! ;)

And have cake.

'Cause, you heard the girl...meetings are nice, but PARTIES are better.    #truth  

Love and health to you all! Xx

mini buttercream cakes square

You can find the tulip umbrella, paintbrush bouquet, and ice cream cone floral buttercream cake tutorials in the Cakeheads project center, along with hundreds of other free and/or members only tutorials!

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Watch the free Flamingo Rose buttercream mini cake tutorial...
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