The New and Improved (and incredibly dreamy) DreamBox! AHHHH!



Ok, ok, ok,

I'm so exciiiiiiiiiiited!

shawna happy

Soooo... do you happen to remember "Joy", my fabulous Workbox that I fell into instant love with all of those years ago which met all of my needs and filled my soul with complete and utter... well... JOY? 

(Was that a run on sentence?  I don't care.)

shawna front closed dreambox

 Well, meet "Dreamy" my DreamBox.  *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Dreamy is like Joy... but UPGRADED! 
(Joy, stop know you were my first love and that part of my heart will always be yours.  Shush now, Pigeon.)

dreambox closed wide day

Back to Dreamy... let me just show you, shall I?

shawna display dreambox

Dreamy has a new and improved table storage method,

full dreambox wide

A fantastic new crown design and light,

left open door dreambox

and a redesign of its space, including deeper compartments in the doors. (Soooooooooo great!)

right open door dreambox

And comes with jars!!  

Are you seeing these jars??!!

Are you seeing my sprinkles in these jars??

Are you imaging what you can put INTO THESE JARS??!!

sprinkles in jars

(I might be slightly obsessed with the jars.)

top middle section dreambox

Just like Joy, Dreamy the DreamBox's shelves can be customized to fit all of your needs...

bottom middle section

and desires...

full dreambox night wide

and dreams. *long, deep breath*

shawna front dreambox open wide

And can I just say it out loud?   Dreamy is SEXY.

dreambox closed tall

 Do you need your own Dreamy?

Well, that's a question only you can truly answer. (*cough* yes)

Shawna and Dreamy

But what I CAN tell you is that the sense of all encompassing peace and serenity that will envelope your soul after opening your own Dreamy and gazing upon your gorgeously displayed and organized STUFF, might just cause you to fall down and weep.


You know...

I just want you prepared.


Here's a quick little video of my Dreamy so you can see her in all of her...dreaminess.



And if you decide to start saving your pennies to have a DreamBox of your own one day (or just put it at the tippy top of your Christmas list and learn to perfect the puppy-dog-eyes look),

the company who has created this beauty, Create Room, has allowed me to give you a discount! Yayyyy!

Just enter CAKEHEADS into the discount code box at checkout to get $100 off!


And no, I don't make a dime on your purchase.


I love this company.  I love their quality products and I love how they run their show.

And because of that, I'm just happy to be spreading the dreaminess.  Xx


Go to to check out the DreamBox as well as their other amazing crafting furniture pieces and thingamabobs!

It will be fun, I promise.


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