A Cakeheads Collaboration of Joy!

It's true that we've never before witnessed the likes of what has taken place across our world in these past couple of months.

No matter anyone's view on what has been happening in these unprecedented times, it has been scary in different ways for just about everyone.  For some, it has been nothing short of devastating.

Finding joy in this situation we've been thrust into has not been easy for many of us.

But "not easy" does not mean impossible.

rose bud and peony buttercream glaze 1

And we can't truly live without joy.  We weren't designed that way.

Sometimes we need a little help to find it when our pain eclipses the strength we have left to keep looking for it,
And I truly believe that God sends us a steady stream of that help when we need it most.

It matters to Him that we find it.

Sometimes we see it, grab hold of it and hang onto it with all that we have, knowing that if we don't, we probably won't make it through to the end.

And sometimes we push it away, too angry to want to heal and too broken to want to be fixed.  

It's no one's fault.

Regardless, to embrace the joy that's there or reject it is a choice we'll have to continuously make.

peony bud wide 1

Joy can be found in so many places.

We, the members of the Cakeheads family, often find joy in "creating" and cake is most often our canvas.

Parties have been cancelled.  Cakes orders have been put on hold.

So, those of us who were able, thought it might be a really good time to create something that reminds us of "joy", even if in just the simplest, smallest way...

hoping to grab hold of some of it ourselves in the process, and maybe even pass on a little bit of it to others by sharing what we've created with the world.

buttercream glaze flowers wide 1

So I'm sharing the photos of what some of us have created with you here.

We hope that you enjoy looking at them... and we hope that the joy around you these next couple of months will be so plentiful that you'll be practically tripping over it at every turn.

(Just be careful where you walk.  I don't want to be responsible for stubbed toes or twisted ankles...even if you ARE smiling on the way down. :) Xx 

Our Joy themed cake creations...


blue boots cake collab
​ There is a full video tutorial of how to make this Blue Rain Boots with Buttercream Glaze Flowers cake in the Cakeheads project center, including a recipe tutorial for the special buttercream that allows the creation of big, beautifully detailed flowers! ​
My cake was inspired by an AmandaGreenwoodArt painting. 


be sweet by maria
Be Sweet By Maria
sharon andrews coll


rebecca coll
Becks Bakes
beth stophel
Sweet Creations By Beth
LaTasha coll
LaTasha Hayes
debjani mishra
Sweet Truths
teresa davidson
Next Generation Cakes By T
regina walker
Kake Walker
lisa hann
Pink Slip Cakery
amanda walker
It's A Cake Walk
jennifer dockter coll
The Farmer's Wife Cakes
sylvia muir
Sylvia Muir
Lovely & Amazing Cakes
Sugar Coated Bakery
KJR Cakes
Charming Cake
robin hunt
Le Cake Design Studio
Gloria Centofanti
Glorious Cakes, LLC
Georgia RG -Fowler
Georgia RG -Fowler
Sam's Cakes 2 Cure CF
Sam's Cakes 2 Cure CF
Cascadia Cake Design
caked with love by steph
Caked With Love By Steph
the german cakesmith
The German Cakesmith
cakes by codi
Cakes By Codi
maria resto
Miah Bella Cakes
Tiers of Joy
Creative Cake Designs By Lisa
Meet the Creator

Shawna McGreevy

I love that our Cakeheads members enjoy hanging out together online, learning from and sharing with one another each day.

Being a part of this group is truly one of the most amazing and enjoyable ways to learn the art of cake decoration! 

Come join the Cakeheads family...we'd be honored to have you with us.  Xx

Shawna has been featured in several different magazines such as Cake Masters and American Cake Decorating Magazine and has been a featured artist at the Cake, Bake and Sweets Show, Australia and the Cake Fair in Florida. She’s also taught cake classes around the world, was nominated for the Cake Masters Cake Hero award and has been chosen as one of the top ten cake artists in the United States, 2017 by Cake Masters Magazine.


shawna 2020
Top Ten Cake Artists - Shawna McGreevy
Cake Masters Magazine

Top Ten Cake Artist, USA - 2017

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