Basketball Slam Dunk Cake

This is craziness.

This virus.

The world quarantined.

The economy crashing down around us.

(where we all create a cake/cookie/sugar art design based upon the same theme)!

Those of us and our loved ones with pre-existing conditions and our matriarchs and patriachs afraid for their lives...

Some of us have strong opinion of what we're doing right to contain this threat, others what we're doing wrong.

But most of us just don't know what to think.

My emotions are all over the place right now, like so many others', and my brain is exhausted from trying to process this global pandemic.

basketball cake close wide_0

While many are not in their homes, but rather on the front lines of this battle, trying to help those in grave danger live to see the other side of this infection,

I am one of the many sitting at home with my husband and children,

reading the play by play put out by the media,

not knowing what to believe about what's happening or how to predict what our future will look like after all of this.

So much is unknown.

basketball cake arm hand

 But I DO know what my family and I need right now.

We need a distraction.

We need to take some of this time on our hands to stop obsessing over what we can't control, and instead start finding ways to bring some joy into the situation we find ourselves in.

If we can distract our minds during some of this uncertainty with a little bit of joy, I think we have a much better chance of staying mentally healthy through this crazy moment in history.

And while it may not seem like it, and we may have to dig down pretty deep depending upon the worries being heaped upon our heads right now, I really do believe that God always sets some joy right there next to us, just waiting to be discovered, if we can focus our minds long enough to notice it.

basketball cake ball


my family and I are going to try to find it.

We're playing games together (ever hear of King Elephant?  It's a clapping game that gets us laughing so hard every time that we're nearly crying by the end) and I can rock a mean round of Pictionary if I may say so myself. ;)

We're playing around outside on the warmer days. 
(If you happen to have at least four people, some chalk and a ball, Four-Square never really gets old.)

And we're sleeping in late,

putting our feet up while enjoying that first cup of coffee each day,

trying to keep our minds busy and find new things to explore that we never had time for before.

basketball cake top view

And I am, of course, still planning out cake designs.

In fact, the Cakeheads members have come up with a great idea to help pass the time for those of us in isolation, and so have decided to work on the second ever official Cakeheads Collaboration (where we all create a cake/cookie/sugar art design based upon the same theme)!

And when trying to decide upon a theme for it, it seemed only appropriate to label it "joy".

It's what we need to focus on finding, so we might as well design something sweet around it in the process.

basketball cake hand close

So that's what I'll be working on next.

Finding it, creating it,

and praying that we'll all be completely overwhelmed by it.

Hang in there, guys.

'Cause Joy's got a friend that usually comes right along with 'er wherever she goes.

And her friend's name is Hope. Xx

basketball dunk cake sq

This basketball slam dunk cake was made for my bubba boy's 12th birthday celebration, a little while back.

finn bball bake sm

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(where we all create a cake/cookie/sugar art design based upon the same theme)!

It would be an honor to have you with us. Xx






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