Hanging Sloth Cake!

She loves her music.

The girl has always got at least one ear bud in, and is usually to be found either slightly swaying along to whatever beats are blaring into her ear canal, or outright dancing… arms flailing, the gamut of dramatic facial expressions in sync.

She also loves to sleep in.  Or, well… just SLEEP.  A lot.

tall full sloth cake

And in her spare time her nose will almost always be shoved into a really good book as she lounges lazily along the length of the sofa.
Again, with an ear bud in.

She’s not lazy, mind you… the girl has somehow always scored near the top of her class as as far a grades go.

But she LIKES lazy.  And she alone has (unknowingly) taught me the difference.

So it only follows then that we here at home, her nearest and dearest, have nicknamed her “sloth” or “slothy”.

Did I also mention that she has a penchant for sweets?

sloth pink cake



Thomas and I, having long ago been somewhat forced into studying general “health” and the effects of the food we consume upon it (that story for another time), are actually a bit strict about how much sugar the kids consume on a daily basis.  (Monsters, I know.  And, errrrr… slightly ironic maybe.)

So it also only follows that our children have a (not-so) secret LOVE affair with sugar and very much enjoy indulging in it when and wherever they can…
Lily heading up that particular secret sugar council.

So when it came time to design her Sweet 16th birthday cake, a sloth hanging lazily from a branch with its headphones on and a little frosting on its lip from having swiped at the drippy cake set within reach, seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.

sloth cake close



Tell me I’m wrong.

Now, what I’m NOT going to talk about in this post is the fact that my little newborn baby, the one that rocked my world so intensely all those years ago that life could never ever again be what it once was and would only get sweeter and sweeter with each passing year (after the first three months, of course), is now sixteen years old.

And driving a motor vehicle.


And will most likely leave our house at some point in the near future to go out and make her own way.

hanging branch sloth

Without us.

By herself.



Nope.  Not even gonna mention that right now.

‘Cause I’m definitely not freaking out about it, and about how fast time flies, and about how incredibly strange and exciting and happy and scary and sad that all is and will all be.

sloth swipe


Not a word.  Not yet.

‘Cause I’m totally not ready to talk about that yet.

So stop trying to make me.

And where IS my wine glass?

sloth's cake pink


*AHEM* Happy, happy birthday to the sweetest, kindest, happiest, friendliest, smartest, prettiest…and slowest moving sixteen year old I have ever known.

I love you, my sweet Lillers.

To somewhere MUCH farther than the moon and back.

sloth lip


I used my fabulous Clairella Cakes airbrush for this project.

The sprinkles on the pink, drippy cake are from Sprinkle Pop.

The sloth is made of cake and is entirely edible. 
And while his fur might look a little, ummm… furry, I’m happy to report that it was actually entirely delicious!  (Which sounds so incredibly wrong, I realize.)


Here’s a little video showing you some airbrush action on the sloth and also how I went about making ‘er headphones…
Here's the full, step by step, Hanging Sloth Cake video tutorial for Cakeheads members...
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