Honey Bee Themed, Fault Line Cake with Buttercream Stripes (and an interview with my mead making, big brother!)

honey bee mead wide full

I've told you about my big brother before.

I'm pretty sure it was about how he finally found his lobster (his forever love, my sister-in-law, Alisia. )

And I'm pleased to report they're still happy little lobsters, enjoying life together with their little (and big) lobster babies (my fabulous nieces and nephew).

Something I didn't mention about my brother, though, is the fact that he has a pretty cool hobby that he's been enjoying for several years now (which also causes me much enjoyment, but I'll get to that in a minute.)

A while back, my brother had taken up a serious interest in mead.

honey wine bottle

Have you heard of it?

'Cause I's like, "Whaaa?" when he first mentioned it to me.

I had zero clue what he was talking about.

So for those of you as clueless as I was, mead is an alcoholic beverage much like wine, only instead of using grapes, it's created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops.

honey bee topper stinger

Weird, huh?

But seeeeeeeeeriously delicious. 

So my brother has gotten into a little mead-making of his own on the side (and Thomas and I often get to reap the benefits of said side gig, hence my previously mentioned enjoyment), and he's also started a YouTube channel, Mead Tasters, where he taste tests meads from meaderies all over the country.

honey bee topper straight

Well, up on the docket was a line of mead called Cake Cake and More Cake (I KNOW, right?!)  by Haymakery Meadery , and I'll give you one li'l guess who my brother asked to come onto his channel to taste the mead with.

That's right folks, lucky ducky ME! 
I mean...cake mead?  
Where do I sign?

So he turned on the camera, we opened the golden deliciousness, sniffed, tasted, drank...drank some more (not too much, I'm sure of it) and gave a little run down of what we thought of the stuff.
(Hint: I need more.  You know *ahem* to really fully experience it.  Orrr... something.) 

honey bee fault line

Anyway, I decided that a mead-themed, honeycomb, trendy fault-line style WITH buttercream stripes cake was in order to help celebrate the occasion!

Cause, well, duh...right?

honey bee cake

 So I went ahead and made one and thought I'd create a fault-line with buttercream stripes cake tutorial to show you how I went about it (free to all, below),

and also a tutorial of how I created the fuzzy bee topper, the mead/wine bottle, and the faux-honey drip on the cake for members of our Cakeheads family.

If you're a glass-of-wine with dinner kinda person and you've not yet tried mead, you might find this mead tasting session with my brother and I worth checking out...

honey mead

and if you're not, well, you may still find it somewhat...interesting. ;)  

Either way, cake is involved. 
And where there is cake, there is joy. 

That is all. Xx 

You can find the mead tasting video of my brother and I sampling Haymaker Meadery's Cake Cake and More Cake mead, HERE


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honey bee wine bottle
and watch the FREE fault-line and buttercream stripes tutorial here...
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