Luster & Sparkle Tiers, Wafer Paper Roses, Sharp-Edged Fondant, & Edible Fabric Sash

The ability to make others laugh is an amazing thing.

Some of us are very good at it, and some of us…not so much.
Which is totally ok because if we lack in the general humorous-person category, then we most likely have other equally valuable talents.


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But have you ever met someone who makes you truly, genuinely laugh so often that every single time you leave their presence your cheeks are literally burning from the constant smile that was plastered upon your face?

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A person whose very way of being makes you crack up, as well as their constant stream of humor.
(I particularly enjoy the subtle, dry humor kind that you really have to listen to, to catch- never mean or offensive remarks, simply clever and witty and meant to make you chuckle.)

It’s a joy, even a privilege to know a person with that gift.

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It doesn’t mean that they’re perfect, of course, or even that they have their “stuff” together more than any of us do.
But DANG if they haven’t found a way to work through life by bringing a constant smile to those around them while they try to figure it all out.

And that right there is worth its weight in gold, if you ask me…for everyone involved.

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I know someone like this.

Her name is Brooke, and just thinking about her makes me smile in preparation of burning cheeks and endless conversational fun.

I enjoy Brooke immensely.

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I value the laughter she brings to my life on the rare occasion I get to hang out with her.
So much so that when Brooke’s name is mentioned, I am always at full attention.

Laughter is an essential ingredient to making it through this life in one piece, and those who make it their business to bring laughter to others are a true gift, indeed.

Brooke is a rare gem, and I feel a bit fortunate to know her.

brooke reception roses


So when she asked if I would make her wedding cake to help celebrate the day she said “I do” to the love of her life, I agreed instantly.

Without hesitation.

‘Cause to be able to give even just a teensie bit of joy back to her in some small way was an opportunity I was not going to miss.

This is the cake I made for Brooke and Michael’s wedding celebration.

I wish them more joy than a couple can even begin to imagine in this life.
(And maybe a steady supply of IcyHot for Michael’s cheeks, throughout.   Dude’s gonna have some serious laugh lines forming soon. ;)) Xx

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