Sugar Flowers & Leaves Heart Wreath, Marbled Fondant and a Birch Tree Trunk!

Burn out.

Have you ever felt it?

You may even be doing something you once loved, but somehow the joy is gone.

heart wreath birch wide

You've pushed yourself too far, spread yourself too thin, and this "thing" that you once enjoyed now seems so much more like a burden than anything else.

Maybe your kids are little.  Maybe they're big. 
Maybe you don't have any kids, but you've still managed to take on so much work that you don't have any time left over for re-energizing and spending the time you want to with those you love.

heart wreath wide

You push yourself hard trying to fit everything in, get everything done, make everything work... and you feel like it's all held together by the teensiest little thread that may snap at any moment.

If this is you, then you know what it's doing to your head and your heart. 

I have been there, believe you me. 
It was a very unhappy place with no rainbows or butterflies and absolutely ZERO unicorns.

heart wreath poppy sq

 You have officially burnt yourself out, and since I have been in your shoes and have lived to tell the tale, I have only two little words for you...


That's right, you heard me (errr... kind of).  Stop it RIGHT now.

marble wide

Life is too short.  You have only so much time here on Earth to live it out as best you can with the ones you love, and no amount of "extra" money or even hard work will ever be worth the time, the experiences and the moments lost.

It's not good enough.

And don't even get me STARTED on how important your physical and mental health is.
When we push ourselves too hard, those two things are completely messed with.

birch wide

Not having it.

Stop it.

It's time to re-evaluate and re-adjust. 
Cut back the work.  
There's no other way.

heart wreath cake side

Will it mean less money?  Yes.
But the amount of money it's making you right now will simply never be worth your health and your heart.

And if you don't have enough money to survive without it, well then maybe it's time for a career change.  

Get creative if you have to, but do what it takes to reclaim your life and the joy that's supposed to come with it.
Stand tall, raise your sword (*cough* whisk) and shout, "I have had ENOUGH!"

Make a new plan.  

heart wreath full tall

And you may even find that the thing you once loved turns right back into the thing you still love when you aren't pushing it past all endurable human limits.

You've got to get yourself back into the good,
or you'll never be able to be the healthy person you need to be for those who depend upon you.

And you are desperately needed.

So stop it.
Righ' now. 

(Oh, and have the happiest holiday season imaginable.  Do that too. ;) Xx )




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