White Christmas Silhouette Cake by Pamela McCaffrey

I fully admit it, and hold my head up high whilst proclaiming, “My name is Shawna McGreevy, and I am a Christmasaholic.”

white christmas full

I’m addicted.
‘Cause I love this season.  The decorating, the Christmas music, the gatherings, the pretty lights, the kids gettin’ all KINDS of excited, the food (ok, the cookies… but that’s still considered food, so whatevs), the JOY… the fact that it all started ’cause Jesus was born…
I do… I love it all.  (And I can even almost get past how RIDICULOUSLY exploited the season is by the retailers of the world, ’cause the decorations they put up whilst luring people to their wares are usually REALLY good… and they add to my joy.  I’m not gonna lie.)

white christmas top silhouette


Christmas, to me, is special.

So it’s only right that I, again this year, ask some CRAZY talented cake artist colleagues (*cough* friends *cough*) of mine if they would be willing to help make my blog a little special this month, too.
And they agreed!!

white christmas close trees

So over the next three weeks, I’ll be sharing the work of six amazing women who have each designed a special Christmas cake for the blog, based upon a famous Christmas song, along with some tips and tricks as to how they made them!

white christmas side angle

So without further adieu, I present to you the first of these talented ladies…Pamela of Pamela McCaffrey-Made With Love, and her gorgeous “White Christmas” cake design.
This woman has been on my “favorites” list since I first started dabbling in the craft five years ago.  Her work is SERIOUSLY clean, perfectly simple, and INSANELY beautiful.
She inspires me, this one.
And I LURVE her.
Here’s what she says about her creation…

white christmas full

“I chose White Christmas, possibly the most famous Christmas song – so no pressure! With the title I just had to do a snow scene; for me there aren’t many sights more beautiful than a landscape covered in fresh thick snow, and if it happens at Christmas it is just perfect.

The familiar words of the song helped paint the picture of the cake for me. The lyrics ‘Where trees top glisten’ gave me the idea for the snow and frost covered trees in the foreground. Father Christmas flying by with his reindeer was inspired by what the children in the houses dream of seeing from their bedroom windows when listening for ‘sleigh bells in the snow’.

All of the houses, trees and Father Christmas and his reindeer are original drawings and all were hand cut – no clip art or Cricut. The layers from the houses in the distance to the trees in the foreground were cut from increasingly thick layers of paste to help (along with the colour) give the impression of distance.”

Some insight into how it was done…

white christmas 1

The basic cake

white christmas 2

The thin far layer of houses cut and applied 

white christmas 3

 The thicker near layer of houses applied

white christmas 4

Small distant snowflakes applied with Trex (Crisco) 

white christmas 5

 Mid and near snowflakes applied

white christmas 6

 Top tier attached

white christmas 7

 Wrap of fallen snow added

white christmas 8

 Snowflakes applied to the top tier

white christmas 7

 Trees attached with royal icing


white christmas finished

Moon with Father Christmas and reindeer attached and snowballs added 

White Christmas, by Pamela McCaffrey

Pamela’s Facebook page, here.

Pamela’s website, here.

Merry CHRISTMAS, everyone!! Xx

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